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hello,it's me yasmin! Thanks for checking out my page <3 I decided to make my own website because I'm tired of all the boring ass social media platforms where I can't create my own shit or truly express myself since it comes off as being annoying or simply because people don't give a fuck about you and only have you as a friend just to increase their following so I'm using this place as a way to unwind and not worry about any superficial shit. Anyways, I'm currently 19 yrs old and live in the U.S. I have a love for music I would say it's more of an addiction. I just can't go a day without jamming out to some heavy metal, techno, rock, jazz, hip-hop,...you get the picture. I get the same chemical reaction meth heads get when they are in need of tweaking out everytime I'm not vibing out to my music. Besides music I also really love comedy, comedy has really helped me cope with shit in my life. Other interests that I have is drawing even though I'm not the best I like to dabble into into new hobbies where it may spark a new passion for myself. I left my email on my homepage so if you want to chat with me I'm open to it! I want to keep this short so below are more facts about me


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     my birthday is march 21

flower  I have a 3rd nipple

cute candy  was in karate as a kid but quit once I received my red belt

red bow     I have a huge ass

 soy mexicana

kawaii mushroom  I'm very lazy

 painfully shy/awkward

MUSIC I'm a fucking dumbass!!

 been playing volleyball since forever

nail polishhave extremely sweaty palms.